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Internap Helps Pandora Deliver Smooth Music Listening Experience

Internap Helps Pandora Deliver Smooth Music Listening Experience

ATLANTA - May 23, 2006 - Internap Network Services Corporation (AMEX:IIP), a leading provider of performance-based routing solutions over the Internet, today announced that Pandora (, an online music listening and discovery service, has increased its usage of the Internap(R) Performance IP service to optimize continued audio streaming of Pandora's diverse collection of music, powered by their Music Genome Project. Pandora users can create a station by simply typing in an artist name or song name to create a personalized, streamed listening experience. Users can create up to 100 stations and interactively guide the service by providing feedback on song choices and creating a personal page of "favorites". Additionally, stations can be shared with friends via email. Listeners have created 16 million stations since Pandora's launch in the fall of 2005.

Pandora's offering comprises an extensive music library of 400,000 songs (each broadcast as an 128 kbps audio stream) from a wide range of both mainstream and lesser-known music genres and is available as a free ad-supported service or by paid subscription. The team at Pandora is passionate about helping listeners discover great music that they will love through an experience that allows for both established and new musicians to be heard.

"The very core of our existence as a business is our ability to deliver a smooth listening experience. As a result our service is incredibly sensitive to the capabilities of the underlying bandwidth provider," said Tom Conrad, chief technology officer, Pandora. "We're extremely happy with Internap's combination of quality of service, cost of bandwidth, reliability, and Network Operations Center support services," he added.

"It's music to our ears that Pandora is yet another satisfied customer upgrading capacity on their Performance IP service within six months. We're the right partner to support delivery of high quality streaming media for a superior entertainment experience," said David Abrahamson, vice president of sales, Internap.

Internet radio is growing rapidly, according to The Infinite Dial: Radio's Digital Platforms, an April 2006 study by Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research. The study states that Internet radio's monthly audience age 12 and over now tops an estimated 52 million, an increase from an estimated 37 million people in 2005. The weekly Internet radio audience has also increased 50 percent over the past year, with 12% of the U.S. population age 12 and over (an estimated 30 million) having listened to Internet radio in the preceding week, up from 8 percent in 2005.

About Internap(R) Performance IP(TM)

Internap's Performance IP route optimization solution ensures optimal application performance through improved Internet network efficiency and traffic control. Using a patented Private Network Access Point(R) (P-NAP) architecture, Internap's Performance IP service is a network-based IP solution that intelligently routes data across multiple IP networks via up to eight major Tier-1 Internet backbones. Leveraging multiple NSP connections, Performance IP insulates traffic from network outages and provides reliable, stable and predictable connectivity. Performance IP also includes intelligent route-control technology to dynamically identify optimal paths for business-critical applications without the need for manual intervention; is supported by 24x7x365 direct access to certified network engineers; and backed by a proactive industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a 100 percent uptime guarantee. Internap offers a wide array of Performance IP access alternatives including port options from 1.54 Mbps to 10 GigE, leased lines, Metropolitan Access Networks (MANs) and data center cross-connect options. For more information on Internap Performance IP visit

About Pandora

Launched on August 29, 2005, Pandora's online music discovery service ( is based on the Music Genome Project, the most thorough analysis of popular music ever undertaken. Each song in this massive collection - which covers Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronica, Hip Hop, Country, Blues, R&B, and more, is analyzed by a trained musician along 400 distinct musical attributes, to capture its unique musical identity. Music lovers need only enter the name of their favorite song or artist and Pandora does the rest -- creating a tailored stream of songs that share key musical characteristics and launching a personalized listening experience, full of new discovery across the genome. Listeners can create up to 100 online radio stations, refine them by providing feedback and even email them to friends.

About Internap

Internap is a market leader of intelligent route control solutions that bring reliability, performance and security to the Internet. The company's patented and patent-pending technologies address the inherent weaknesses of the Internet, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of deploying business-critical applications such as e-commerce, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), video-conferencing and streaming audio/video across IP networks. Through a portfolio of high-performance IP and WAN optimization solutions, customers can bypass congestion points, overcome routing inefficiencies and optimize performance of their applications. Internap solutions are backed by an industry-leading performance guarantee that covers the Internet as opposed to just one network. These offerings include: network- and premise-based route optimization solutions, colocation, VPN, content distribution and managed security services.

Internap currently serves more than 2,100 customers, including Fortune 1000 and mid-tier enterprises in the financial services, government, travel/hospitality, manufacturing, media/entertainment, technology and retail industries. The company provides services throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit the company website at

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