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Internap Makes the Leap to 10 Gigabit Route Control with New Flow Control Platform Solution

Internap Makes the Leap to 10 Gigabit Route Control with New Flow Control Platform Solution

ATLANTA - March 14, 2006 - Internap Network Services Corporation (AMEX:IIP, a leading provider of performance-based routing solutions over the Internet, today announced the development of its next generation model of the Internap(R) Flow Control PlatformTM (FCP) solution. The addition to the company's family of premise-based route control products interoperates with standard 10 Gigabit hardware and is scalable to support the growing bandwidth requirements of Web-centric businesses. The new appliance maintains the benefits of the existing FCP product line, including intelligent load balancing to optimize bandwidth costs and performance, as well as improved network visibility and control. The 10 Gigabit solution will be available for shipping in June 2006.

The FCP 10 Gigabit solution intelligently routes traffic across multiple Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections to conform to user-defined performance and cost policies, allowing customers to leverage the benefits of multi-homing. Like previously released models, the new FCP 10 Gigabit is one of the industry's only appliances with the ability to implement route changes in real-time by continuously monitoring end-to-end network performance.

"Over the last year, we've witnessed exponential growth in the amount of bandwidth required by many enterprises, particularly in the e-commerce arena," said Mark Fabbi, vice president distinguished analyst, Gartner. "To minimize the burden of dedicating additional staff to manage and maintain hardware, a 10 Gigabit solution has the ability to offer significant benefits- from both a cost and network visibility perspective."

Internap performance testing reveals that the FCP typically reduces bandwidth costs from 20 to 50 percent and lowers latency by an average of 35 percent. The new 10 Gigabit product offering is ideal for improving the reliability of business-critical applications and content-driven sites with large distributed user bases, such as online social networking communities and e-commerce merchants. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced bandwidth costs: Increase the overall efficiency of managing bandwidth commits and minimize unplanned overages. Network engineers can also easily and dynamically control border gateway protocol (BGP) routing behavior to minimize latency or keep bandwidth usage within pre-determined cost and usage thresholds.
  • Reduced equipment costs: Minimize the number of appliances installed on premise, and simplify configuration of hardware required for complex network infrastructures. Simplify monitoring and troubleshooting, while minimizing the need for additional network administrators to address maintenance challenges.
  • Reduced downtime: Provide risk diversity in the event of a carrier outage or brownout for improved application performance and high QoS for end-users.
  • Improved network visibility: Gain real-time views into network and application performance with the ability to create customized reports with historical and trend information. Better understand end-users traffic flows and determine whether ISPs are meeting service level agreements required to meet application needs.

"As businesses increase capacity requirements, we believe the FCP's cost and performance improvements in a multi-homing environment will become more evident," said Eric Klinker, chief technology officer, Internap. "This is the first of many steps Internap is taking to better serve the industry's early adopters in need of route-control solutions that support the next generation of high-bandwidth needs."

About the Flow Control Platform (FCP) Product Line

The FCP product family includes solutions for traffic flows of any size, from the largest content provider sites and enterprise networks, to remote branch offices and small-to-medium sized sites that are new to multi-homing.

The FCP solution's measurement capability gives customers better performance, fewer network incidents, sophisticated load balancing and easier troubleshooting. This enables successful deployment of "one-to-many" applications such as e-commerce, CRM, hosting, trading/clearing as well as real-time traffic such as VoIP, video and collaboration.

FCP 10 Gigabit Availability

Available for shipping in June 2006, the FCP 10 Gigabit model will report on usage, latency and packet loss to all destinations. The appliance will also be stackable and scalable to accommodate future capacity growth.

About Internap

Internap is a market leader of intelligent route control solutions that bring reliability, performance and security to the Internet. The company's patented and patent-pending technologies address the inherent weaknesses of the Internet, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of deploying business-critical applications such as e-commerce, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), video-conferencing and streaming audio/video across the Internet. Through a portfolio of high-performance IP and WAN optimization solutions, customers can bypass congestion points, overcome routing inefficiencies and optimize performance of their applications. Internap solutions are backed by an industry-leading performance guarantee that covers the Internet as opposed to just one network. These offerings include: network- and premise-based route optimization solutions, colocation, VPN, content distribution and managed security services.

Internap currently serves more than 2,000 customers, including Fortune 1000 and mid-tier enterprises in the financial services, government, travel/hospitality, manufacturing, media/entertainment, technology and retail industries. The company provides services throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit the company website at

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