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One Ring Networks Optimizes Network Performance

One Ring Networks Optimizes Network Performance

ATLANTA (January 9, 2006) - The Internet's underlying protocols, which determine how data routes across the Internet, can often cause users to experience slow downloads, trouble accessing a Web site, or poor video and audio streaming quality. One Ring Networks, provider of next generation end-to-end telecommunications services, addressed these problems today when it announced the deployment of the Internap Flow Control PlatformTM (FCP), a premise-based appliance that proactively optimizes network traffic. Headquartered in Atlanta, Internap(R) Network Services Corporation (NASDAQ: INAP ) offers a suite of technology and services that help businesses take advantage of the flexibility, reach and cost advantages of the Internet.

"Performance is our primary concern. Internap's FCP helps One Ring Networks improve user experience - especially for real-time applications that are more sensitive to latency, packet loss and jitter. The FCP measures all of these factors then selects the best network route in real-time," explained Matt Liotta, Founder of One Ring Networks. "The result for One Ring's customers is faster, higher-quality connections."

One Ring Networks currently multi-homes with four network service providers (NSPs), including a major European carrier. While carrier diversity is beneficial, the company wanted to further differentiate the value of its service. By adding Internap's proprietary route control technology, One Ring has effectively optimized its network and notes significant performance improvements of both domestic and international traffic flows.

Most multi-homed networks rely solely on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), the basic protocol that operates between the many networks that make up the Internet, to determine which route to take for any given destination. Since BGP is unaware of the path quality between two networks- performance can suffer.

The Internap FCP proactively reviews each network for the best performing route and directs traffic according to its performance policy, which includes such metrics as latency and packet loss.

"Because of BGP and the fact that no single network is the optimal path to all destinations on the Internet, certain performance challenges are fundamental," said David Abrahamson, executive vice president of global sales, Internap. "The good news is that by adding the intelligence of the FCP to its multi-homed environment, One Ring Networks can overcome those shortcomings to deliver optimal performance."

The FCP also includes user-friendly reporting tools that provide visibility into various network performance metrics. Called FlowViewTM and FlowPreviewTM, the added features include a graphic interface and use real-time data to generate comprehensive management reports. "Diagnostics that would normally take a considerable amount of time are now automated," Liotta added. "FlowView let's my team see key measurements and an analysis of traffic flows at any given time, which allows them to focus on other aspects of managing the network."

One Ring Networks operates an extensive, high-speed fixed wireless network that offers both carrier and physical redundancy for fiber and multiple T connections. For companies that require 100 percent availability of online services, One Ring offers fixed wireless redundancy options that provide real-time fail-over from wire line circuits.

About One Ring Networks

One Ring Networks operates one of the largest hybrid fiber-fixed wireless networks in the United States and is one of the few carriers offering end-to-end telecommunications and networking services without relying on other companies' last mile. Over its next generation network, One Ring offers high-speed data services, feature-rich IP phone services, IP telephony infrastructure, integration and management, and network monitoring and management. For more information, go to .

About Internap

Internap is a market leader of intelligent route control solutions that bring reliability, performance and security to the Internet. The company's patented and patent-pending technologies address the inherent weaknesses of the Internet, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of deploying business-critical applications such as e-commerce, VoIP, and audio/video across IP networks. Internap currently serves more than 2,200 customers throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit the company website at .

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